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Eastside Italian Deli Market

Word of mouth. That's what it takes for a business to really grow. Take our situation with how we got involved with Eastside Italian Deli in Los Angeles. On a very cold morning, as the owners were waiting for the Rose Parade in Pasadena, they noticed a very tasty menu outside Yahaira's on Colorado Blvd. Although not set to open for several hours, our cloud signage system kept reminding Vito to come back once it was open. And come back they did! They even got a chance to meet with Armando, owner of Yahaira's and El Portal family restaurants who touted our cloud based signage. Now we have grown by one more cloud menu that is seen by hundreds each week as they await their amazing hot and cold sandwiches. Haven't been yet? Get on over to Eastside Italian Deli.

Eastside Italian Deli is located at 1013 Alpine Street in Los Angeles, CA 90012 just southwest of Dodger Stadium.

eastside deli market italian in Los Angeles

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