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Who We Are

LA Cloud Signage was founded in 2016 and since the first day in business we’ve been bringing the best selection of digital signage solutions to our customers. Our business name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire state of California. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic options that fit any budget.


Conveniently located at 959 E. Colorado Blvd  Pasadena, CA 91106, we’re driven by our dedication to the best service in the business. We can’t help but smile with pride every time someone decides to allow us to take them into the 21st century. It means we’ve done our job right. We invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about our offerings, or simply come on over and say hi in person! Since we control your cloud signage, we don't have to be close to you so don't worry about that.

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