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No More Static Menus

It's your business. What sets you apart from your competition. Pricing? Aesthetics? Social media pretense? We are seeing a huge increase in companies like restaurants and apparel using digital signage to grab your attention. So, you are one of these businesses. Some of you are using cute chalk board style menu boards. Those of you who are larger are spending a ton with paper signage that changes out every time you want it to look different or have a need to update pricing.

What if you could simply update digital signage? Avocado prices change almost weekly. When it spikes, you eat the higher cost. You don't have to anymore. If demand is exceeding supply, imagine being able to better capitalize on it. Digital signage can help you increase your profits by saving you hundreds on monthly updated paper or laminated menu, and your current costs of behind counter menus that often have a piece of paper covering something that is not available any longer or a price change that really does affect your appearance and brand.

Yahaira's Cafe is located at 698 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101. Let them know we sent you.

Yahaira's - Pasadena

Yahaira's Cafe - Pasadena (left)

Eastside Italian Deli - Los Angeles (below)

We support both vertical and horizontal display menus.

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